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It was hard to pick a good quote from this story because there were so many that could be discussed.

I know that no one is going to believe any of this. That’s okay. If I thought you would, then I couldn’t tell you. Promise me that you won’t believe a word.

This story is set up to make us question what we are being told. Not only through the narrator telling us to not believe what we are being told, but also how the story jumps around so often. The story may getĀ confusing at points, but it still draws us in because it makes us want to know how all of these different people and points will connect back to the Handbag. The different characters that we see throughout make us want to believe the tale, but then Link places an aspect of their personal story in that turns the tale back to unbelievable. Link’s choices to give constant reminders that this is an unbelievable tale puts an interesting twist on fictional stories. We are taught to make our readers believe what we are saying. Link takes that bit of education and throws it out a window. In my opinion its one of the aspects of this story that makes it so interesting.


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