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NOTE: In addition to reading the assigned stories, you should be, over the first half of the semester, making your way through Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude. Please comment on the novel at any time and quote passages that you find particularly meaningful, lyrical, or magical. (Don’t forget to include the relevant page numbers with each quotation from the novel.) My hope is that by the semester’s end we will have accumulated a compendium of quotations from the novel and perhaps a nice list of the kinds of “magic” presented in this work.

NOTE: Texts followed by an asterisk (*) have been shared via Google Drive

Thursday, Jan. 24

Tuesday, January 29
Châteaureynaud, “A Citizen Speaks” (1)
Millhauser, “Cat’N’Mouse” (3)
Johnson, “26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss” (1)

Thursday, Jan. 31
Châteaureynaud, “A Life on Paper” (3)
Johnson, “Fox Magic” (13)
Garcia Marquez, “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings”*  

Tuesday, Feb. 5
Châteaureynaud, “Come Out, Come Out” (7)
Johnson, “Names For Water” (35)
Butler, “Every Man She Kisses Dies”* 

Thursday, Feb. 7
Châteaureynaud, “Icarus Saved from the Skies” (11)
Millhauser, “The Disappearance of Elaine Coleman” (21)

Tuesday, Feb. 12
Châteaureynaud, “The Only Mortal” (17)
Johnson, “The Bitey Cat” (40)
Sparks, “May We Shed These Human Bodies”*

Wednesday, February 13
8:00 p.m.
Pannell Gallery 

Thursday, February 14
Châteaureynaud, “The Peacocks” (29)
Johnson, “The Horse Raiders” (46)
Keret, “Lieland”* 

Tuesday, Feb. 19
Châteaureynaud, “ Unlivable” (35)
Millhauser, “The Room in the Attic” (37)

Thursday, Feb. 21
Châteaureynaud, “A Room on the Abyss” (43)
Johnson, “Dia Chjerman’s Tale” (74)
Garcia Marquez, “Eyes of A Blue Dog”*

Tuesday, Feb. 26
Châteaureynaud, “The Gulf of the Years” (53)
Johnson, “My Wife Reincarnated…” (82)
Link, “The Faery Handbag”* 

Thursday, Feb. 28
Châteaureynaud, “The Dolceola Player” (67)
Millhauser, “Dangerous Laughter (75)

Tuesday, March 5
Châteaureynaud, “The Pest” (77)
Johnson, “Schrödinger’s Cathouse” (91)
Tidbeck, “Beatrice”*

Thursday, March 7
Châteaureynaud, “Delaunay the Broker” (87)
Johnson, “Chenting, in the Land of the Dead” (97 )
Garcia Marquez, “Night of the Curlews”*

Tuesday, March 12

Thursday, March 14
NOTE:  You should be finished reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by the conclusion of  Spring Break.

Tuesday, March 19
Châteaureynaud, “The Excursion” (99)
Millhauser, “History of A Disturbance” (95)

Thursday, March 21
Châteaureynaud, “La Tete” (107)
Johnson, “The Empress Jingu Fishes” (101)
Keret, “Pick A Color”*

MARCH 21-24
Sweet Briar Undergraduate Creative Writing Conference

Thursday, March 21: BARBARA KINGSOLVER 
Friday, March 22: ALLISON SEAY
Saturday, March 23: VALERIE SAYERS

Tuesday, March 26
Châteaureynaud, “The Styx” (115)
Chåteaureynaud, “The Beautiful Coalwoman” (125)
Millhauser, “The Dome” (113)
STORIES DUE:  Kaitlin, McKinsey, Emma

Thursday, March 28
Châteaureynaud, “A City of Museums” (139)
Johnson, “At the Mouth of the River of Bees” (110)
Millhauser, “Eisenheim The Illusionist”*
STORIES DUE: Lauren D., Lauren G., Sam

Tuesday, April 2
Châteaureynaud, “The Guardicci Masterpiece” (147)
Johnson, “Story Kit” (130)
Butler, “Jealous Husband Returns in the Form of A Parrot”*
STORIES DUE: Sally, Tosha

Thursday, April 4
Châteaureynaud, “Écorcheville” (163)
Millhauser, “In the Reign of Harad IV (123)
STORIES DUE: Jenny, Khirsten, Caroline 

Tuesday, April 9
Châteaureynaud, “Sweet Street” (177)
Châteaureynaud, “The Bronze Schoolboy” (191)
Johnson, “Wolf Trapping” (143)
STORIES DUE: Ashley, Angel

Thursday, April 11
Châteaureynaud, “The Pavilion and the Linden” (213)
Millhauser, “The Other Town” (133)
STORIES DUE: Shannon, Katherine 

Tuesday, April 16
Châteaureynaud, “Another Story” (217)
Johnson, “Ponies” (158)
Sparks, “The World After This One”*
STORIES DUE:  Kaitlin, McKinsey, Emma

Thursday, April 18
Millhauser, “The Tower” (145)
Johnson, “The Cat Who Walked a Thousand Miles” (162)
STORIES DUE: Lauren D., Lauren G., Sam

Tuesday, April 23
Millhauser, “Here At the Historical Society” (161)
Johnson, “Spar” (199)
Graham, “Waiting For the Right Moment”*
STORIES DUE: Sally, Tosha

Thursday, April 25
Millhauser, “A Change in Fashion” (171)
Johnson, “The Man Who Bridged the Mist” (206)
STORIES DUE: Jenny, Khirsten, Caroline 

Tuesday, April 30
Millhauser, “A Precursor of the Cinema” (179)
Johnson, “The Evolution of Trickster Stories…” (276)
Sparks, “To Make Us Whole”*
STORIES DUE: Ashley, Angel

Thursday, May 2 
Millhauser, “The Wizard of West Orange” (209)
STORIES DUE: Shannon, Katherine 

Tuesday, May 7



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