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Monthly Archive for December, 2017

The Pard

Everybody thinks that when God cast me out, I fell directly from Heaven to Hell. That’s not true. I was able to catch myself on Earth for a time. I was angered both by the fickle nature of the humans and God’s obliviousness of their flaws until I realized that it must be a test. […]

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Barbaric Christmas Decorations

Barbaric Christmas Decorations    A little boy, two feet tall, gazed up with wide eyes around at all the sparkling red and green lights, the Snoopy stuffed animals and the tree decorations that glittered with glee. It was that time of the year. His grandmother held his hand as they walked down the aisle, amazed by […]

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I wrapped my scarf more tightly around my neck in an attempt to stave off the November chill.  A gust of wind blew rain in my face and I shivered.  It had been an unseasonably warm autumn until about a week ago, when the temperatures had plummeted and rain clouds came rolling in off the […]

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The Lethal Curse by Kaiya Taylor

Anna looked around to see families walking around the brightly lit fairgrounds, but she knew that this night would quickly turn into sorrow. She could feel that something was going to go wrong. The tension of it consumed Anna as she walked in the midst of the crowds, food trucks, and fair rides, with her […]

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They say that red skies in the morning are a sailor’s warning. Unfortunately, that warning doesn’t apply to the Royal Navy. Every man on the ship felt a sense of unease when they woke to red skies and unnaturally calm seas. The glass water reflected the ship as it cut through the leagues. Men went […]

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Tidbeck, “Beatrice”

‘She says, I had no choice,’ said Josephine. ‘She says you’re holding me captive.’ This story seemed to be simply about a crazy man who fell for an inanimate object. But as we all know, that’s just not fantastic. So Tidbeck decides to give us a rather disturbing world where machine and human love each […]

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