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“‘I learned from falling in love with that Koenig & Bauer. Infatuation is worth nothing. It has nothing to do with the real world.’ She nodded at the steam engine looming in the corner by her bed. ‘Me and Hercules, we have an understanding. We take care of each other. It’s a better kind of love, I think.'”


Karin Tidbeck’s “Beatrice” was not what I was expecting the story to be. The story is very creepy in its own unique way. The idea of a man and a woman falling in love with transportation machines is both baffling and intriguing. When Anna talks about infatuation and love, it seems like both Anna and Franz misunderstood their relationship with the engine and aircraft. They think that having an intimate relationship with an aircraft and engine is the same as having an intimate relationship.

I think that Anna and Franz were infatuated with their lovers (the engine and the aircraft). However, their consent to being in a relationship. This tends to make the reader think that the engine and aircraft could be representation of slaves. This story is about how strong infatuation can be to an individual and how the strength of infatuation can lead a person to do various actions such as holding them captive. This story was very creeping, intriguing, and mysterious in all of its elements of personifying an inanimate object to the point that someone is infatuated with it.

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