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“I know that no one is going to believe any of this. That’s okay. If I thought you would, then I couldn’t tell you. Promise me you won’t believe a word.” (3)

In this moment, which is later repeated at the end of the story, the narrator, Genevieve, takes a moment to acknowledge that she is telling a story. She begs the reader to not believe the story. This, ironically, makes us more inclined to buy into the idea that the story is true. By including this step away from the story, Kelly Link makes the story more believable. It creates the feeling of someone who wants to tell the story but is burdened by the fact that they must keep the truth a secret. This choice is strengthened by the first-person point of view that is used throughout the story. By choosing to use this point of view, Link strengthens the storyteller aspect of the narrator.

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