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Titles, unless they’re Fall Out Boy songs from 2006-2009, are rarely so long or descriptive, so this one caught my eye.  Right from the outset, Russell gives us

Pic from Caters News Agency (PICTURED: Seagul struggles with bread over its face before eating the whole slice). This is one IN-BREAD seagull as it got its head stuck in a piece of thin-sliced white. During a food fight on the harbours edge in Akranes, Iceland, one over enthusiastic gull managed to punch its beak right through the loaf. However, it had the last laugh, as it was able to swallow the entire piece of bread itself, with greedy pals looking on. SEE CATERS COPY

setting.  We are in 1979, in Strong Beach, and a seagull army has descended.  While we don’t yet know the significance of any of these pieces of information, the tone for the story has begun to be set, and the question of what’s implied by the army of seagulls and what their effect on the town will be. This choice on Russell’s part, to include so much information in the title, establishes setting, and while we later learn that the fact of the enormous seagull “army” is not the main driving point of the story (or is it?), they are still an incredibly significant part of the narrative.

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