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The experience of tactile recreation was interesting but its deeper meaning was lost on me. It took me two readings to understand that the Wizard was the saboteur of the project. I felt lost while reading this story. I could not wrap my head around what the environment looked like and the placement of people; it seemed to change a lot in the story. For example the main character talks about all the rooms this undefined building had, yet he is in a cubical with many other people. I did not understand his role for the wizard, he seemed to be a Gofer (go for this, go for that.) I really did not like this last story and I am disappointed. Millhauser has such a large imagination. His works seem to span time and space yet keep you well grounded to the earth, and you want to believe him. I felt lost with this story and wished I could have understood it better. Perhaps I need the haptograph?

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