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To Make Us Creepy.

It was Helen who also discovered what the new bathtub could do. It started as an accident.

The beginning of “to make us whole” by Amber Sparks was a childhood dream come true, even when the Mother dashed the children’s plans of using the bathtub for their own personal gain. The imagery was completely mesmerizing even though it was slight. I could picture myself there.  I was looking forward to the lace dress that magically appeared and what else the children could think of but then Sparks took a complete twist into the fantastically creepy.

We watched as the bathtub people unfold themselves and they watched us right back, dripping and smiling. Robert was one of them. Mother’s throat made a tea kettle sound when she saw him. He just stood there still and strange, his eyes black instead of green, like he didn’t know Mother or any of us at all.

“Well I’m never sleeping again…”

“Bathtub people?!” At that point I couldn’t stop reading and really didn’t want the story to end so quickly, but I am kind of glad it did. The ending was just that cliff hanger that keeps you awake at night wondering what happened.

Hello, we said to ourselves.

Hello, said ourselves to us.

These two lines gave me goosebumps. I am always highly impressed when I can read four pages of paper and it is a legitimate story staring back at me.

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