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“Waiting for the Right moment.” I enjoyed the flow of this story. Graham seems to have a firm grasp of each of his characters. As the story continues from their first meeting until the ominous end, we see something else in Graham’s story, momentum. His pacing is really well thought out. I have one complaint ¬†I did not see enough of the fantastical to really grasp the ending. For example, the man is having a normal reaction to the apartment being filled with art, he shows a slight relief when she says she is going to have an art show, but once the art is sold their is no time for him to feel sorry for the loss of art for she continues on to the next project. I feel Graham should has spent more time in that moment, and perhaps use that for some fantastical element, such a deep sense of loss, or feeling that he has been picked apart. What I mean to say is the shoes and the tingling feet was not enough for me to buy into the fact that this is a fantastical story, nor does it prepare the reader for a shadow at the end. I just did not understand it.

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  1. Kaitlin says:

    This story seems something like what might have happened if Chateaureynaud’s “A Life on Paper” were told from the point of view of the girl. But she never experienced being alone, not having her life made into art, so perhaps her reaction would have been different.